Ilocano (Ilokano) Songs- Testimonials of a Rich Culture


Ilocano Songs

Ilocano (Ilokano) is a major dialect in the Philippines. It is the mostly spoken language in Northern Luzon in the Philippines. Ilocano is not only a language but also is the term used to call people from Ilocos, La Union, at many parts of Northern Luzon who speak the same language.

Ilocano songs is a genre on its own. Like any other song genres, the themes of Ilocano songs range

from love songs to heartaches, from everyday life to dreams and aspirations. Some of the most famous Ilocano songs are "Manang Biday", "Pamulinawen", etc.

Nowadays, there are many modern Ilocano songs released with albums by Ilocano artists in the Philippines and overseas. With music production becoming digital, the costs for making albums or singles greatly decreased and therefore local artists do not have to rely on major record labels for their songs to be recorded and heard. Then, there was the proliferation of independent artists and labels.

Indie can be mirrored locally with Ilocano songs. It is not far fetched that eventually, song production made locally or independently will be soon be at par with major record labels.

Here are, you can find all Ilocano songs old and new. Feel free to browse or add your Ilokano songs. Artists are also welcome to add their songs here. If you have anything that you want to publish here, we will be happy to accommodate you. Please contact us.